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Truth On Ice

Where truth collides with your face!

So…I figured before you started reading my blog you MIGHT actually care to know a little bit about me. I choose to skip all of the boring tidbits like age, race, weight, height, how many kids, astrology sign, etc. and just jump right into the important things that make me. Here goes nothing: I sleep naked…I sing when I’m taking a poop because it helps me concentrate…I absolutely love musicals and I often reenact them in my head…I sing in the shower…check out Shower Classics Volume 1…I squat in public when I’m trying to get a wedgie out although I think from now on I’m just going to go with the more direct approach and dive right in…I happen to think all things Star Trek & Star Wars are the best thing that could have ever happened to Sci-Fi…I like to read biographies…preferrably ones that the author had absolutely no kind of authorization to write…I think that there are A LOT of conspiracies involving our government…in fact since typing that statement I am %100 sure that my blog will now be on some top 10 list the government has created to keep an eye on any ideas that fall out of line with the the “norm”…although my coworker Leo the Great insists these things just don’t happen…

It does happen does… I don’t believe in magic but I do believe in cover ups!

I think that having sex at least twice a day keeps me healthy…I believe that brandy cures every ailment especially the common cold… my philosophy on life is being angry is pointless so you should spend more time doing more productive things liiiike…shaving your legs, dancing in the rain…plucking under arm hairs…raising and lowering your eyebrows to increase muscle productivity in your forehead…play the ukele on your nose….I don’t know anything other then spending hours of your day ranting and raving about things that have no relevance in the grand scheme of things….I picked my nose as a kid and ate my boogers because they were salty…maybe I was lacking something in my diet…I hate the locker room at the gym because I’m constantly acosted by saggy middle aged and elderly breast and very hairy vaginas…it’s kind of gross and makes me want to vomit..


I ALWAYS have an opinion about everything and I often have to wrestle internally with keeping my mouth shut so as not to offend others…great thing I have this blog because I’m pretty sure I will be venting here….moist things give me the creepies i.e mud, wet trash, dirty snow…etc. basically when it rains or snows; walking outside takes a tremendous amount of guts for me! Look…I could go on forever and ever giving you tidbits about moi…but I actually have to work….so until next time folks…


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