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S0 yes; I am sad to announce that Virtue in our generation of women has officially died. For you lug heads out there allow me to define virtuous. 


Pronunciation: \ˈvər-chə-wəs, ˈvərch-wəs\
Function: adjective
Date: 14th century

1 : potent, efficacious
2 a : having or exhibiting virtue b : morally excellent : righteous <a virtuous decision>
3 : chaste

synonyms see moral


vir·tu·ous·ly adverb

vir·tu·ous·ness noun

So it’s pretty much an elegant word to describe being morally chaste or modest. Pretty much everything women in enertainment today do not represent.

It’s just different nowadays. There used to be a time when you could turn on television and women would be covered up but it was still considered attractive. When the girl next door was what guys liked. Now it’s seems as if being a stripper or a hooker is the look to go for. The number one ladies in the music industry are not doing much to vito these standards either. You’ve got Beyonce, Niki Minaj and Lady Gaga; 3 of the most influential women in music,style and fad right now leading the young women of today;and this is what they choose to look like:

Yes these influential powerful women who have a monopoly on our young girl’s eyes and ears today choose to dress and behave provocatively. They claim it’s no big deal. They claim they are empowering women to own their sexuality. They claim to be free of the obligations and standards that society has placed on women. (i.e barefoot in pregnant in the kitchen.)

What I don’t understand is why owning your sexuality means you have to look like you’re selling it?

It’s no shocker that today’s youth SERIOUSLY lack the respect and dignity that older generations used to have. They are a mass of militant,rebellious, stupid children acting under the guise of being “free” or “grown”. They are not free. They are just a slave to fad. Period.

Our very impressionable youth should not have to be bombarded by sex,drugs, money and mayhem everytime they turn on the television. They are enamoured by the allure of the things they hear about in these songs. I’m specifically targeting our young girls though because my eyes are simply exhausted from seeing all of the teen moms, prostitutes, and drop outs that plague our neighborhoods.

They can’t escape it. Some of the most notable pop stars Brittany Spears, Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan and Hannah Montana all started out as wholesome artists/actresses. The moment they turned legal they decided that being an adult meant being a slut…or at least dressing like one. This is the message that they are sending to our kids. Niki Menaj is a self proclaimed “Black Barbie”. Sooooo that’s just translates to cheap, plastic, and fake. Is this what the young girls should aspire to be? With statements such as “Step your pussy game up” and “Yea I ate the box” it’s no wonder that young girls today have the worst mouths ever. Have you ever listened to a group of young girls talking recently? Girl talk is more like porn talk. Hurts my ears.

Now the reality  is these artists at the minimum are being paid to be scandalous. Ummm but your daughter is not being paid to look like a naughty school girl. She’s in fact being kicked out of school. That’s always helpful.

While I’m pointing my self righteous finger though let’s not forget that some of the blame falls on the parents as well. If discipline was enforced and kids got a good whooping from time to time a lot of this mess could be avoided. Spare the rod spoil the child…I’m just saying. Alot of parents have bequeathed the responsibility of child rearing to television. Go figure.

I can rant and rave and holler about this all day long.

But it’d be pointless. Because you know what? The people who have the so called power to change it; are not going to. However…if you are a parent, an older brother, an older sister, cousin, aunt, uncle: TALK to these young girls! You do your part. Unless of course you’re one of those old fogies who try to act young.

You’re instructed to go sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done.

As always folks it was a pleasure.


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